Low Carb Diets

Low carb diets have been in the nutrition community for some time now which basically means eating few carbohydrates. It mainly focuses on minimizing the intake of sugar and starch.
Recent studies show that low-carb diet makes it easier to not only lose weight but also control the sugar level. There is scientific proof that the low carb diet actually works. By avoiding sugar and starches, the blood sugar level stabilizes making the level of insulin, fat storing hormone, to drop. The dropping of the insulin level increases the fat burning process of the body.

Some of the proven benefits of low carb diets include:

1. Leads to faster weight loss

Cutting on the carbs is the simplest and more effective way of losing weight. Studies have shown that people who take low carb diet lose weight faster than people taking the low-fat diet. Low carb diet enables the body to get rid of excess water and stabilize the insulin level enable the body to lose weight.

2. Low carb diet kills the appetite

Eating low carb diet makes an individual lower his/her appetite level. Hunger, as it’s known, is the worst enemy to dieting. Studies have shown that when people cut on the carb intake and increase the protein intake, they tend to take fewer calories.

3. Lowers an elevated blood pressure

High blood pressure is a risk factor for many diseases. Low carb diets are an effective way of reducing the blood pressure which leads to reduced risk of diseases like stroke, heart diseases, and kidney failure.

4. Help fight cancer

Research shows that a diet with high amount of refined carbohydrates and sugar contributes to the damage of the free radicals. Lower carb diet which cuts down on the intake of sugar, grains and processed acts as a natural cancer treatment. In the process of cutting down on carbs, healthy cells are preserved since they can use fat to get energy.

5. Better digestion

Less sugar leads to better digestion of the body since “bad bacteria” in the gut feeds on sugar. Plenty of vegetables, healthy fats and quality protein can help in fat burning.

6. Lower risk for type 2 diabetes.

Low carb diet has been proven to help with diabetes compared to the prescription drugs. A high carb diet raises the amount of insulin in the body increasing the risk of diabetes.

Suggestion to low carb breakfast include:

-Eggs and bacon
-Coffee with cream
-Boiled eggs with butter
-High-fat yogurt
-A can of mackerel

Suggestions for low carb lunches and dinner include:

-Chicken, fish or meat dishes with vegetables
-Stew and soups with low carb ingredients
-Drink water with your meal or an occasional glass of wine.
-Vegetable spaghetti

You can be able to eat the following:

-All types of meat
-Fish and shellfish
-Natural fats and high-fat sources
-Vegetables that grow above the ground
-Dairy products

low carb

In conclusion, it is important to practice self-awareness to be able to arrive at the best amount of carb suitable for your body. There seems to be variability when it comes to how low is too low. Factors like age, gender, body weight, the level of activity will likely affect how a person feels when following the low carb diet.


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